People I Admire, Part 1

When faced with the 52 Week Capture Challenge theme: Someone you admire, I found myself stumped. How do I capture the people I admire? Immediately racing to mind were people long gone from this side of glory. So I had to ask myself of all the people I know what do I admire about each of them? Turns out I admire a lot in a lot of people. I contacted about a dozen and asked if they would be willing to be featured here and seven of them said yes. These seven are a selection of the dozens of people I know, love and admire. They are presented in no particular order.

I decided to ask each of these ladies (for the only responses I got were from the ladies!) “Whom do you admire and why?”, share their stories and then my own: why I admire each of them. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the human spirit!


Whom do you admire?
“Kay Clemens”

“She encouraged my neighbors and me to love and seek God in His Word.”

From me:
Elaine is my mentor. She loves beauty. I admire how she pauses to look at a beautiful sky or watch a bird in a nearby tree. She loves the Lord, her husband and family, the Word of God, gardening, music, the list goes on. She has challenged me to read and memorize scripture, love my husband and daughter, and grow in Christ. She is so willing to share her heart with me and stories about her family and her own walk with God. She reminds me who I am, to whom I belong, and to take time to appreciate the simple and lovely things in life.


Whom do you admire?
“My Aunt Shirley”

“She moved home to Montana and in with my other Aunt (her sister Coni) without a steady job lined up. (She is a teacher by profession) I think she moved about 4 or 5 years ago…. When she moved I think she had recently gotten hired on as a full time teacher in the Wichita area, which had been her home the previous decade or so, after many years of substituting to pay the bills. Shortly after she moved, my grandma’s health started to decline. My aunt was able to be up in her hometown of Sidney, which is five hours from Billings, and help there. Plus she was able to see her when my grandparents made their way to Billings for holidays and other doctors visits. She was able to spend time with her and serve her, partly as her mother had wished, and partly out of her love for Christ and willingness to lay down her life for another and serve. What a beautiful picture of honoring your father and mother.

“Perhaps she doesn’t have everything by way of job stability, but she sacrificed for her mother who passed away July 2012, and because of the instability of substitute teaching and occasional coaching she was able to spend a lot of time before and after the funeral helping my grandpa with things around the house. Some in the family thought it selfish of my grandmother to want her close by, and that she should’ve stayed in Kansas because of the better economic opportunity, but I look at it as a blessing and a trait I would hope to have someday in myself: a beautiful willingness to serve and lay down my life for another. (Even my aunt Coni with her willingness to allow my aunt to move in with her as well and help provide for her basic needs.)”

From me:
Ashley loves things that shine. This love is reflective of her personality, because she shines. She has a terrific laugh and is always willing to lend a helping hand. I admire her dedication and loyalty. She loves with all of herself, is willing to ask the tough questions, and seeks out the answers. I am thankful for her friendship, honesty, and the glitter she adds to my life!


Whom do you admire?
“My mom, my Aunt Kathy, Mekayla, Miriam and Claire.”

“My mom was sick for the last eight years of her life. Despite her own pain, she took time to be with me and my sister. She took interest in us and asked how we were, even when she didn’t feel well.”

“My Aunt Kathy’s best friend was my mom. She is a single mom, and I can’t imagine how hard it would be to raise a child alone, let alone lose my best friend. Her daughter is turning out really well.”

“My best friend Mekayla has always been there for me. It’s not easy being my best friend. She is also the least insecure person I have ever met. She knows what God wants of her and never makes her own plans.”

“Miriam is a junior high student. I drive her home each week after Edge. I so rarely see a student who gets it. She told me she needs to show Christ’s love to a friend whose lifestyle she disagrees with. A lot of adults don’t get that.”

“Claire is another Edge student. In a world where everyone is trying to be something they aren’t, she isn’t afraid to be who she is. She is really funny, respectful, and she cares about others.”

From me:
I admire Bridget’s commitment to what she believes, who she loves, and trying to find God’s path for her life. When she lost her mom in high school, I was impressed by her ability to continue to trust God despite the pain. She didn’t run or hide, but fought with the help of her nearest friends. She has a heart for the Lord and His children and serves Him faithfully. I admire her enthusiasm to share what she is learning, challenge her friends and the students she serves, and risk by putting herself out there. As she continues to grow as a leader and a servant, I look forward to seeing all the Lord continues to work through her.

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